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Pacific Power  Development Corporation is commercial company founded in 1989. Since then Pacific Power has grown to become the largest independent manufacturer of speciality lubricants in the world. Pacific Power is recognized internationally for its innovative lubricants and industry related speciality products. We pride ourselves on producing technically advanced products with industry needs at the Core. Our success has been built on the simple premise of providing the highest quality speciality lubricants backed with strong technical expertise and sales & service support.

Pacific Power have been helping people solve equipment maintaince problems. Pacific Power products are available around the globe through a strategic distribution network; with a combination of factory representatives and warehouses in key locations.

Pacific Power has products to meet the specialized needs of the customers. The customer’s needs are our focus. We offer total customer care and satisfaction. Our goal is to provide each customer with the highest quality product on-time and at the lowest price. 

From underground mines to makers of complex metal components including Industrial Lubricants, Mineral Oils, Transformer Oils, Greases, Shuttering Oils, Petroleum Jelly & variety of speciality high quality lubricants in local and international market to a wide range of industry. Pacific Power is constantly developing new products to meet the ever-changing demands of modern industry. The few of the benefits Pacific Power Lubricants products provide is Improved productivity, reduced cost, improved worker safety, and reduced environmental impacts.

  Pacific Power Lubricants consistently exceed industry standards, original equipment manufacturer's specifications and our customer’s expectations to deliver lubricants that achieve outstanding levels of protection and enhanced performance. The leading edge technology of our products, the expertise of our employees and factory direct supply channels provide the service and value our customers expectation, and makes Pacific Power unique in the marketplace. Pacific Power is committed to providing our customers with comprehensive technical solutions that suit our customer’s lubrication needs. Pacific Power is a reliable name in offering high quality products. Every batch of product manufactured is tested to exacting standards by experienced personnel in our Quality Control laboratory and released for use only when our team is confident that it meets the high standards of quality and superior performance associated with all our products. The end result is a better performing, longer lasting and more effective lubricant for your vehicle, machinery and equipments. Reliability & Peace Of Mind For Today's Business.  

Pacific Power has the reputation for solving difficult technical challenges and producing products that show significant performance advantages over our competitors. Our products are formulated and tested on state of the art equipment that ensures that products from Pacific Power give the maximum performance benefit to the customer. We develop products in accordance with the ISO 9001 system and are certified to many internationally recognized standards. Pacific Power has highly qualified Quality Control and Quality Assurance personnel ensure compliance of both incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products.

Pacific Power is continuously improving and investing in its manufacturing facility, ensuring that customer’s requirements can be met quickly and efficiently every time.

The technical service laboratories carry out condition monitoring and routine analysis of field samples. This gives the customer complete confidence when using a Pacific Power product.